How It Works


Initial Site Visit

The process begins with a visit to your property to assess it's challenges and opportunities, to hear your ideas and to offer some of our own. If you already have a design, we will review it with you and offer our feedback. If you need a design, please contact us at



The first step in creating a design is an accurate, scaled drawing of your site made by measuring and plotting the location of the house as it sits on the property, any existing trees, large plantings or features which are to remain, and elements like neighboring trees, areas of concern for privacy etc. which will impact the garden.

Once this base plan is complete, we make several quick concept sketches showing different configurations, locations and sizes for the desired elements, focusing on the "hardscaping". We come up with as many viable options as possible for the different spaces, sitting areas, paths, walkways, and focal points.

These preliminary sketches are then reviewed at a second meeting, or scanned and emailed for feedback and commentary. Usually, one scheme is stronger than the next, and can be refined with simply a few alterations. Other times, different parts are "mixed and matched" from different plans to create a hybrid. In most cases, after this process, the final "hardscape" plan can be completed, and the focus moves towards plantings.

We will craft a "preliminary plant list" of suitable trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, perennials and grasses for you to consider. After soliciting your feedback, the list is edited and is used to create your planting plan, which can be either schematic (specifying locations for only the trees and larger shrubs) or detailed (showing the location of all plants, including smaller ones).



We will bid the installation in two versions. A "deluxe version" usually uses larger plants and more expensive hardscape options, and includes optional features which may be desirable but are not essential to the integrity of the plan. In the "budget version", the plan is interpreted in the least costly manner possible, without sacrificing quality. Sometimes we also separate the job costs geographically. In this way, you can spend your landscape dollars on the things or areas you care most about.


Scheduling and Construction

Once you've decided how you'd like to proceed, a contract is drawn up and your job goes on our schedule. We only do one or two landscapes at a time, which means that although we usually can't begin "right away", once we do arrive the job goes quickly and smoothly. Once we break ground, our crew will work on your project every single day until the project is completed. Typically, we may modify the plan somewhat as the job is installed, responding to site conditions and opportunities that are revealed as the process unfolds. This ability to "design on the ground", in conjunction with the client, in "real time", creates the best possible landscape for our clients!


Our Guarantee

Once the job is complete, you will be supplied with written maintenance instructions, and we'll demonstrate the operation of your irrigation system. Approximately three months after completion, we'll return to replace any plants that may have died. The remainder of the work we do - irrigation, water features, walkways etc. - is guaranteed for a full year.

“We wanted to send you this email to tell you how much we enjoyed working with you and your crew. We would recommend you in a heartbeat! Your 'maintenance instructions' were perfect! Thank you so much for taking our 'little' job!” – Jeff and Becky Weislow