Our Client Reviews

“Just want to tell you that our garden is spectacularly beautiful this year. Pinks of all shades cover the slope, the lilacs produced their perfumed flowers, the Cecil Brunners are blooming in great profusion and many others whose names I have not figured out yet surprised me with massive outpourings of color. We had figs and lemons, and strawberries and raspberries for breakfast every morning through early November. Just want you to know how much we are enjoying all of it!”

– Suzanne Knecht

“Everyone who sees the yard thinks you did a FABULOUS job. Most remark that they feel like they are in a park. I could express a zillion times how pleased we are and still not express enough thanks for everyone's hard work...we just sit and listen, watch the pond, the birds go nuts singing in the afternoon and we are just pleased, pleased ,and more pleased at the best scenario we ever got for our money! So, one could say, as an under-statement that we are HAPPY :) ”

– John Kutulas

“Plants look great! Flagstone looks great! This project is turning out just great! It's been so fun to watch this project unfold - I will miss having the guys out there always plugging away on this or that. The garden helps me enjoy the peace and beauty of where we live. Soon, we'll just sit back and watch nature do her part to fill in the blanks. ”

– Janet Rodina

“Not only is the garden a true delight, but the process of its creation was so nicely handled. Mike was such a calm authoritative presence, and his wit with the stone sculpture was much appreciated, as was his skill as a carpenter. The crew was not only unfailingly polite and fun to be around, but also seemed to enjoy their work. We can't thank all of you enough.”

– David and Kathy Steadman

“ I want you to know that Mark and I are EXTREMELY pleased with the way the yard is turning out. We can't wait to see what happens when the plants really start to grow.”

– Tricia Seyler

“It is amazing how much everything has grown in two months. People are still stopping on the street to check it out. Every morning I sit and look out, blessing the stars for pointing out your ad in the paper. The garden has enriched our lives tremendously.”

– Cathy and Craig McClelland

“We would recommend you in a heartbeat! Your "maintenance instructions" were perfect! Thank you so much for taking our "little" job!”

– Jeff and Becky Weislow

“It's only been three months and our new landscaping already looks wonderful. Your crew worked very hard on our difficult terrain.”

– Frank and Jacquelyn Denney

“We love watching the progress as the yard transforms into possibilities we never imagined. It is a very pleasant process”

– Nancy and Bill Scott

“You should see our garden! Wow, or should I say your garden!!! Very beautiful and breath taking with all the color. Thank you so very much for making such a wonderful difference in our living space!”

– Irma Cordova

“The gardens here are thriving. Thank you for giving our home a lovely, welcoming perspective. It has been a boost to my personal viewpoint as well.”

– Janet Wallace