Found objects, sculpture and art can add personality to a landscape. We encourage our clients to supply us with their treasures, or we can create custom fountains, murals etc. on commission. Proper placement of any art piece is critical since it will become the focal point of the garden.

Fish swimming in grass

Succulents and chains seem made for each other

Placement is everything

This rustic country garden has a whimsical identity all its own

Hidden surprises are what it is all about

Dog by Sebastopol artist Patrick Amiot

Mike Squire’s makes his mark

Mementos from a clients’ life in Africa

Even commercial art can add a lot

A giant ball of wood anchors the bilateral symmetry of this arresting scheme.

Happy, joyous and free....

The “moon” in this mural by Kate is a surveillance mirror

Chickens not included

Parrot not included

Funky Assemblage