Any yard can become an inviting oasis with the addition of water. In addition to serving as an instant focal point, ponds attract dragonflies and birds, and fountains and waterfalls can mitigate background noises such as traffic. Properly designed and installed, a fountain or small ornamental pool can be affordable and require only minimal maintenance.

A custom creation inspired by Maselli's hardware, this one a collaborative effort with the client.

Duck optional! 

Simple but strong and elemental

Creative use of galvanized water troughs

A simple bridge speaks volumes

A little color has a big impact

The pot had sentimental value to the clients.

The flat stone visible below the surface is a hiding place for the fish

It’s a bathtub, not a coffin!

The sparkle of falling water brings life to the garden

Reflection doubles the effect

 A pocket pond for a small back yard....

A simple patio at the water’s edge.  

 Goldfish included.

 A custom made fountain.